It was pouring hard. Really hard. I love rain, I love any water. I decided I wanted to go outside. I jumped as I was walking out the door because my umbrella popped open. The rain was so loud my head hurt! (we have a metal roofed portico outside) The water was beating it like a drum. It was foggy, blurry and gloomy but I didn’t care. I punched the gate code in to the console and had to lift my umbrella up to get through the gate. As I was walking down the driveway, the only sound was the thunder and rain.
Then I jumped! I landed in my ditch and splashed around for a while until I realized it wasn’t very smart of me to be barefoot in the water holding a metal pole in the air…… So I splashed back up my driveway.

My new Beta Fish

On Sunday I got a new beta fish!
His name is Neptune, and he is the prettiest color blue. I also got a 2.5 gallon tank for him, but I couldn’t put him in until Monday after school because it said to wait 24 hours 🙁
He is in now and I think he likes it 🙂