Expository Writing

“Why couldn’t we have taken a plane!” We all whined during our car ride to Colorado. Airports help with travel a lot.

Airports make travel a lot faster. For instance, if you wanted to visit Germany and there was no Airport, you would have to drive to a port… Then get on a boat… Then when you get there you would have to drive to where you wanted to go. Imagine how long that would take……….Ugh. A boat ride across the Atlantic Ocean would take days, but a plane ride would only take a couple of hours.

Also, Airports have increased security to keep everyone safe and make sure there aren’t any mishaps or accidents. This is the reason no one is let into the boarding areas without going past security, also you can’t bring anything sharp on board (that’s the danger part). Take it from me who’s been on an 18 hour car ride, airports are very, very useful.

Sometimes airplanes do have mishaps, and you can get snowed in… But if it saves you from loud bickering and bathroom stops……….. It’s defiantly worth it.

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  1. I agree I don’t know what will be life be if we did not have airports we would probably be traveling for days for a very long time.

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