Digital Footprint Videos

I preferred the 2nd video over the 1st because it was a lot more descriptive, detailed and clear to the point. It explained what a digital footprint was and the effect it has on your life. It also gave an example from reality.
On the other hand, video #1 explained all the ways your left behind personal information can be used or copied. It also told you how people can look at what you are doing and track you.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a great place to live. It has lots of restaurants, so you can try new things all the time. Austin is also the music capital of the world.
Austin city limits, south by southwest, blues on the green… There are lots of places to go and things to do.
Also, if you like the city, Austin has lots of apartments and houses close to and in the city. On the contrary, if your not too enthusiastic about city life, there are suburbs everywhere with nice houses and lots.
Therefore, Austin is a wonderful place to live.