Animal Farm

This year my class is reading the novel Animal Farm. In the story, animals on a farm represent political leaders of The Solviet Union.
Old Major, the leader, has a strange dream that he announces to the entire farm. It is of an uprising of the animals. He explains to the others that humans are the enemy and that no animal should ever befriend one. Old major later dies, before his dream becomes reality.
The other animals are mistreated and malnourished. Eventually they can bear it no longer, they break in and steal food. Mr.Jones, the farm owner, attempts to stop them and by doing so he only angers them more. The animals start a revolution. For a long while, they succeeded in keeping Mr.Jones off of the farm while that maintain it, but he come back to try and take over the farm again.
Thats it for now, I’ll update as soon as I’m finished.

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