My new Beta Fish

On Sunday I got a new beta fish!
His name is Neptune, and he is the prettiest color blue. I also got a 2.5 gallon tank for him, but I couldn’t put him in until Monday after school because it said to wait 24 hours 🙁
He is in now and I think he likes it 🙂

My Seven Pets

I have two dogs named Ginger and Scout. Ginger is a six year old golden retriever who acts like she is two. Scout is a 15 to 16 year old flat coated retriever who sleeps all day, then barks whenever he wants anything. We also have two gerbils named Peanut and Walnut. 🙂    Plus we have a Guinea pig named Blitsen (like the reindeer) and a parakeet named snowflake. Our seventh pet is a fish named Zap. (my sister named it) 

I really want a Hermit Crab too!