Cozy Coupe

I remember being three or four years old and as soon as I was awake, I practically lived in my cozy coupe. Although mine didn’t have the creepy eyes and smile… it was just as much fun. I would ride up and down our coldasac and on the slope in our front yard.
My twin and I would race to see who could get to the bottom of our driveway first. I miss being a kid and not having to worry about anything but someone taking your toys, but childhood doesn’t last forever and I will always have memory’s.
Cozy Coupes are still made today, but they are a little more “blinged out” than they used to be with gas caps, eyes, a smile, and a licence plate. I hope Cozy Coupes will still be made when I am an adult so I can give that memory to my kids.

2 thoughts on “Cozy Coupe

  1. My sons had a Crazy Coupe when they were little and loved it. I always smile when I see them. I liked them better before the bling! 😉

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