Glittering, white,
Powdery softness,
Drifting slowly from the sky,
Landing like a feather,
Upon the ground,
Swallowed by the millions of others.
They stay for a while,
Then wither away one by one,
Slowly revealing the spring,
That lies hidden beneath the snow


Where I’m From…
By: Hope

I am from barking at 3am,
from morning dew and Muffins for breakfast.

I am from the only green lawn in the coldasack,
and the overwhelming scent of chlorine.

I am from the oak trees,
From the “bunny bush” where the cottontails
take shelter at night.

I’m from oyster stew and home-made gifts for
from Loraine and Barry.

I’m from Christmas Eve at our house, and Christmas
Day at my aunts,
and from jokes that aren’t even funny.

I’m from be nice and polite,
and please and thank-you

I’m from Matt’s El Rancho.
I’m from Texas and Connecticut,
and any food imaginable.

From an old family house on my mothers side,
still standing in Norway.
Along with old photos from when people didn’t smile,
Black and white in my aunts photo album.